Add extra features to Windows shell

XNeat is an easy-to-use taskbar, titlebar and system tray utility that adds extra abilities to Windows shell features. The program extends windows functionality through extra item added to the Windows taskbar right click context menu.

XNeat can help people of various professions in their daily routine and everyone can find a way to use this program on his or her computer both in office and at home.

TaskBar Arranger

Re-arrange the programs appear in the taskbar the order you like, without being bound with the default windows arrangement.

taskbar manager

Show / Hide Windows

XNeat adds extra Show/Hide windows menu item to the windows taskbar context menu saving you some desktop space while providing access to them.

Very handy with programs like Outlook and others

Show / Hide Tray Icons

Allows you to show and hide icons from your taskbar's system tray area

Stay On Top Windows

Keep any windows on top of other windows, so that it can’t be hidden by other windows.

Very handy if you want to have fast access to a certain program

Taskbar Apperance

Gives you the ability to show any item in your taskbar (Start menu button, taskbar buttons, system tray, clock, etc.